Recipe for Turkey Stuffing - Christmas and Thanksgiving

Stuffing for your turkey (at Christmas)

Yes yes, you can buy ready mix stuffing, but it is just not the same as homemade stuffing for your turkey at Christmas or Thanksgiving.

Chestnut stuffing – Ingredients

large tin of chestnut Puree
I egg
I onion (chopped and sauted)
2-3 slices of wholemeal bread ground to breadcrumbs
knob of butter


Mix all together and add to the front of the turkey

Force meat or sausage-meat stuffing – Ingredients

I large packet of sausage-meat

3 slices of bread ground for breadcrumbs

1 egg

the zest of half a lemon

a large bunch of fresh herbs, parsley sage and thyme, finely chopped

add all the ingredients in a bowl and mix together

add to the neck end of the turkey and secure the skin over with a skewer, this part may need to be covered with foil during cooking to stop burning.

I also like to force this stuffing under the skin of the bird at the neck end so some of it goes over the breast of the bird and creates a way of keeping the breast basted and moist

N.B. if you use my family recipes and they work for you please either use the comment button underneath the article  or contact me to tell me how you got on.