Christmas Stress (2008)

Well it was our new daughters first Christmas and I had my older children from my first marriage coming round and staying over Christmas eve as well as my partners sister, who likes to be known as super aunt and does a pretty good job. Oh yes and my 80 year old mother came round, who at that moment was exhibiting alot of very negative outlooks that later became more full blown Dementia and I suspect would rather be dead.

The pressures on making Christmas into “this wonderful life” and living up to all the songs from “a child is born” to “white christmas” is immense. The presents, the food and more is all stress on the wallet and bank balance.

For us this often means someone gets ill, in our case our new daughter was trying out the nursery where there had been a couple of cases of diarhoea and vomiting. So a day or so later the weekend before christmas she started being sick, by Christmas Eve I was also vomiting quite violently and on Christmas day we managed to get the presents open but then in it all went pear shaped. Our daugher vomited became inconsolable and in the end we took her to the community hospital (more for our reassurance than hers). My older children were stoical but the meal and the rest of the festivities were ruined.

Lets hope boxing day can be better, as we are all feeling alot better and are off to a local grudge football match.

Dont let the pressures of Christmas get you down, we had such high hopes for babies first christmas but she had other ideas, presents and food are great but its the binding of family and community that seem important to me.

And by the way if I hear another person talking about how the spirit has gone from Christmas, I will scream. The 25 th December was the birthday of the sun god Mithras, and aslo the celebration of the Roman Saturnalia. In the north of Europe, at Yule, Odin came down through the smoke hole of the houses at night (the doors were barred it was his only entrance) to bring blessings to the house, and freya wandered the towns with her decorated pine staff knocking at doors to bring fertility and plenty. In later times the Lord of Misrule and the world turned upside down became part of the winter festivities, where over eating and drinking were the order of the day. The Christian story has been a very late addition to this and the winter period has long been a festival of riotous excess.

So maybe christmas isn’t all we thought it was not all it could be. Anyone for another slice of turkey, we have alot as no one has been eating much.

By Boxing Day the whole family came down with noro Virus and everyone that crossed our threshhold got it, My daughter and i were fine by then and quickly got our appetites back.