Spending at Christmas

Whether in the UK or the US interest rates are fluctuating creating tension in buyers and shoppers

So what are you spending this Christmas,are you keeping the purse strings tight, cutting up the credit card and putting coal in the childrens stockings? Are you buying Christmas Pudding and mice pies? Are you having some turkey twizzlers instead of the bird with all it strimmings. OR are you saying what the hell, its a time of goodwill and plenty, of the world turned upside down, so lets splash out one more time before we all feel like an extra in the BBCs Peaky Blinders

We have for so long found it hard to reign in and take stock to understand that money is not infinte….hang on I am sounding like a politician now. The Rich don’t seem to be reigning it in,

The bankers still seem to be getting their bonus, so why is it always the people at the lower end of the economic spectrum that have to suffer. It's what Dickens was writing about in a Christmas Carol.