An Alternative Christmas Tale

A Tale of Three trees, an alternative Christmas Tale

Three young trees were dreaming of what they would
become when they were fully …

Social Care - A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol

I have always loved this Dickens story in print and film, my favourite being “The Muppet Christmas Carol” with Michael …

Three Wise Men - A poem

Inside me (are three wise men)

by Jonathan Spencer

Inside me are people turned away from

The warmth of the hearth

In the town of their …

The Christmas Recipe book

I thought of many of the articles here in terms of a recipe book, mainly because I was looking for a recipe in a book I only ever use …

Christmas - The Secret

71nU0bEKa0S. SY550

I recently watched a DVD called the Secret

“The Secret DVD!” (TS Production, LLC)
it really is the only present worth buying for yourself …

The Christmas Tree where Christmas begins

I love Christmas in all its Christian and Pagan Glory, I expect the date the 25th December relates to the winter solstice which has …

Christmas Stress (2008)

Well it was our new daughters first Christmas and I had my older children from my first marriage coming round and staying over Christmas …

Spending at Christmas

Whether in the UK or the US interest rates are fluctuating creating tension in buyers and shoppers

So what are you spending this Christmas,…