The Christmas Recipe book

I thought of many of the articles here in terms of a recipe book, mainly because I was looking for a recipe in a book I only ever use for that recipe, and no other…do you ever find that the one thing you like padded out with crap. ( I have found the recipe section is very popular) I was tired of buying an album for the one song and then they invented iTunes (well Napster really) and I am tired of wanting certain information only found muddled with a whole load of other stuff.  You can find a whole load of Christmas recipes but I only want the basics,(mince pies, christmas pudding, how to cook the turkey… you can find a mountain on divorce and separation but I want to know someone's experience not a personal development theory.  I have a child with a disability where do I start, I get eczema but what about all these alternative medicines, should I get my child vaccinated and so on.  Some things are informative…the article on what not to eat during pregnancy has been very popular, some challenging and some helpful, thats the way its meant to be.  If you buy in to it it may be only for my flapjack recipe….

"Prestige Smartplus Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker 6lt" (Prestige)

And in case you were going to use my Christmas pudding recipe this year, you will need a pressure cooker, stainless steel is best and I recommend the one above. 🙂