Three Wise Men - A poem

Inside me (are three wise men)

by Jonathan Spencer

Inside me are people turned away from

The warmth of the hearth

In the town of their birth

They have arrived

But they are lost

An uneasy silence settles

A pregnant pause

They are sent to sleep with the animals

While the fat cats bathe inn the glow of the fire

Inside me are three wise men
They have arrived at the stable

Of my birth and 

 they are empty handed

Holding their hands in front of them

They meet my eyes

With the dark misty centres of their own

They do not speak

Inside me are Shepherds

The salt of the earth

Their journey is beginning

They stare

I thought they’d kneel, and

Their hands are smeared in the red

Of viscera

Like Butchers

The animals shy away

Inside me, you cannot see

I cannot reveal

And you will only guess

But inside me

Are three wise men

Yet they

Are empty handed