A National Care Servicre


Could we have a national care service?

The organisation I lead is a charity and has no problems running care homes, we pay the living wage and are registered with the living wage foundation. We have also done well in the new more rigorous CQC inspections. Whilst some on the left say charity should not be involved, our outlook is simple, profit should not be involved in health or social care. Charities could be involved with a national care service. What we offer goes above and beyond what is expected…’more’ for our residents is our watchword. Too many others are driven by the profit motive, run to pay directors dividends and holidays in the Maldives not solely for the benefit of their residents. In all of this I believe if you demonstrate that you will give good pay and conditions and treat all staff well, they will demonstrate the care needed for all those that need caring loving support. Of course other care companies are troubled by increases in minimum wage because their business model is not focussed on their residents and staff alone, it is a skewed model that we have allowed for too long. One that we have tried in the NHS and one that should be removed and the old model be used for a national care service.

Now income tax might not be what it was, but tax reduction is a bit of a myth. The doubling of insurance tax (came in in some whiule ago) is interesting as a progressive tax. Check your insurance bill at its next renewal!

The reality is care and health needs to be run by a national service or on a non profit basis. I run a care charity we pay the Living wage Foundation wage and are unaffected by increases in minimum wage…because as I said and will reiterate we don’t pay shareholders or payout dividends that pay for someones holiday in the maldives.

Its time our political representatives created something new and innovative that many people will need and relate to.  I believe thats a national care service. My mother died of dementia in an over priced care home, my daughter cannot always get to the social support she needs with a disability, the funding and support for those with profound and general disability is a always a struggle. Yet nothing in the autumn 2017 budget for Adult Social Care