Back pain and Back Massage from your chair.

 So I was on the way home and stopped off at a motorway service station, as usual they were trying to sell you something on the way in and out besides the over priced coffee.

On the way out I had to wait for my wife and our daughter and decided to try out the sales pitch, which was a back massage chair, it was actually pretty cool made by HoMedics and I liked the idea, but then had to go.

So recently I have had to stop playing tennis and badminton and going to the gym because my back had been quite bad, I went to the osteopath who helped a lot and then I thought about this back massager and looked for it on Amazon. It came today and its amazing. I had it delivered at the office and tried it out there and then brought it home and set it up for my wife to have a try. She was sceptical until it came on the shiatsu session and then I had trouble getting her off it.

This is quite the best thing I have ever bought for my back and i have suffered on and off for years with back problems, tensions and sports injuries from my past excesses. It really feels like someone giving you an incredible massage and i just recommend it enough.

Below is the link to a couple of different ones, to be honest we got the dual massage version, which was on offer on amazon.


Dual Massage      Luxury Chair