Physical injuries and emotion

Some Initial Thoughts on The relationship between physical injuries and emotions and feelings

When we made our last house move , my son didn’t want to go and then he broke his leg, this got me thinking and about how the aches and pains we feel emotionally can become reall aches and pains.

“Heal Your Body (Louise L. Hay)

If you have ever felt a little off balance, when you meant upset or worried and then tripped up or fell or almost lost your footing, you will know what I mean.

Just think about some of the injuries you have had, perhaps because you weren’t concentrating, pushed yourself a little too far…what were you concentrating on or what were you blanking out, why push yourself and what for?

Watching my family break up I went to the osteopath because I had a pain in my left shoulder, actually I said it feels as if someone has rammed a spear through that side of my chest…which side is that, the side where your HEART IS stupid!!, and yes i had muscle spasms and i do get back problems, but I have never had them there before.

Think about some of your recent accidents or if you can’t take it that far, what about your aches and pains, if that bad back could talk, what would it be saying. Or that skin condition, thats itchy and irritating, or that spot, if you became that spot what would you say back to yourself?

The body whispers to us all the time just as the mind and the feelings do, but if we don’t listen it shouts, so an ache in the back becomes a slipped disk becomes back surgery and so on.

There does seem to be a relationship between our injuries and physical hurts and our emotional scars and worries…I suppose the most obvious one to think about is where it describes bothe the physical and emotional…anyone ever said to you, you’re looking a bit tense ??