Leaving The Rat Race

Leaving the rat race!

Ok I am reading yet another article of how this guy leaves the rat race, to be at home, see his children, live a btter life and you know what it reminds me of the WC fields thing, I have only heard this 3rd hand, I think it was in a film

WC Fields – who is looking very successful-: (to Boy) Son when I came to this town, I had nothing but the clothes I had on and the sack on my back.

Boy: Wow, what was in the sack

Fields: About 250,000 dollars!…

And thats it isn’t it these people that leave the rat race after working for years in finance or whatever, usually have been earning 200, 000 a year + bonus and have paid their mortgage, and now just have to do a couple of days of consultancy a week just to keep it ticking over…its crap. I mean what about all those that struggle on the money they are paid and never have time to think about leaving the rat race, because there are bills to pay…I don’t mean bill to pay for the off road 4 X 4, I mean the rent, the mortgage, on the Nissan or whatever, to get a kid through college/University.

What these articles are talking about is a new aristocracy a new upper and upper-middle class, who only have to work for half their lives. And they work in jobs that are part of the process of keeping the rest of us as wage slaves.

Now of course most of us could live lives of greater simplicity, like I hardly use that microwave, but it looks cool, do I really need a new computer/tv/car/lawnmower and so on. 

My Mum didn’t have a quarter of the gadgets I have around the house, when I was a kid, but hell she has now. Who an earth persuaded us that we needed all this crap…probabaly some consultant working 2 days a week for a credit card company who also owns an advertising agency, which is part shares in a TV and Media conglomerate, which owns the finance house s/he worked for originally.