Dreamer or Dreamed

The dreamers and the dreamed.

One night I complained to a friend that since my marriage broke up i wasn't meeting the right kind of women. He asked me a very important question, what kind do you really want? 

He then remarked that a Native American Group, that he was doing some training with had said that there were only two types of people in the world: The dreamers ....and those they dream!

It puts a different outlook on all those dream catchers they sell in the shops doesn't it?  The he asked me which I was or wanted to be.

So he suggested that I wrote down a long list of the qualities I was looking for in a partner, not in some vague way but be really specific, every single thing I could think of that I  to find in a partner.  This is the list i wrote:

intelligent sensitive, blonde/brunette, slim, and likes to keep fit (goes to the gym) not material yet glamourous, inteligent, strong minded yet feminine, lovely underwear, creative, 34-40, articulate, loves the sun, the med.  Likes gardening, is spiritual,and is in tune with non-conformist religious beliefs like Quakers, interested in alternative views of healing, and alternative outlooks, has a real depth and ability to talk from that depth, caring, gentle, artistic, likes science fiction, loves films and ice cream, likes just lying around,  reads, likes books and is well read is a graduate, or has a post grad qualification, someone to fall in love with.

I know liking science fiction is a bit of a big demand, but I have had girlfriends before that like SF so I thought I would give it a go.  That night I read this list through before I went to sleep and worked toward dreaming this person. I hummed and hawed but went ahead and did it remembering his admonition not to take this lightly and carefully think through the qualities.

Next day I got up a little earlier, got a different train to work, I saw a women on the train I had seen a few times and liked and sat near her,  she said a few words to me and I started chatting with her, by the end of our train journey I had asked her for dinner, and she said yes.  In the week i rang her and told her my details: where i worked and lived and so on, to reassure her i was a “good guy”  I ended up having dinner with her and it went from there, now we have a beautiful house to together and she is expecting our child.....one day I showed her the list and she said that about 95% of what I had dreamt would describe her...you couldn’t make this up.....Who I wonder would you like to dream, and of equal importance, in whose dreams do you appear?