I dare you, let the Jehovahs Witness in

What are you afraid of, why don’t you have the time, why do you not have ears to hear?

Who is it that most of us always turn away, and the door is always closed …

About Quakers

Information about Quakers

Some of you have been asking about this….


That ought to get you started…however I would remind you that Quakers in the UK , …

Learn More?

Learn more?

Are you utilising what you know already?

The story goes like this:

A woman  is walking along when she sees a large piece of stone, on the top is carved …

A sayig of the Buddha - Believe Nothing


A saying of The Buddha

My mother used to say something similar to this over and over, it can lead to cyinicism if distorted, yet with an open mind it means something …




I first read this words in JOHN AND CAITLIN MATHEWS, book The WesternWay a practical guide to the western mystery tradition, which is a superb book and …

The Lords Prayer…an interesting translation

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The Lords Prayer…The Womens Spiritual Network

This Lords prayer claims a more direct translation form aramaic to English…see what you think…

The Lords’ Prayer

O …

Dreamer or Dreamed

The dreamers and the dreamed.

One night I complained to a friend that since my marriage broke up i wasn't meeting the right kind of women. He asked me a very important …