Furry Bear - AA Milne

Furry Bear - Winnie the Pooh

Winnie the Pooh and all that…. AA Milne what a genius, I have a tape of my Dad reading Winnie the Pooh stories he sent it to me when I was in my twenties and doing flat/apartment living and struggling to make ends meet. He called it Jonathan’s Therapeutic Tape, anyhow I like this Rhyme

Furry Bear

If I were a bear

And a big bear too,

I shouldn’t much care

If it froze or snew;

I wouldn’t much mind

If it snowed or friz-

I’d be all fur-lined

With a coat like his!

For I’d have fur boots and a brown fur wrap,

And brown fur knickers and a big fur cap.

I’d have a fur muffle-ruff to cover my jaws,

And brown furry mittens on my big brown paws.

With a big brown furry-down up on my head,

I’d sleep all winter in a big fur bed.


A.A. Milne