The christmas tree

The christmas tree

I love Christmas in all its Christian and Pagan Glory, I expect the date the 25th December relates to the winter solstice which has slowly changed over time in northern europe. The solstice is now on the 22nd December, or it may be those few days after when technically things start getting lighter. The ancient roman religion of worshipping Mithras also celebrated the birthday of Mithras on 25th December.

“300 Ways to Make the Best Christmas Ever!: Decorations, Carols, Crafts & Recipes for Every Kind of Christmas Tradition” (Paige Gilchrist, Aaron Morgan, Leslie Dierks)

Some say It was saint Boniface that first set about the vision of the Christmas treeit appears that only the Norse people had a solid tradition of a tree in their culture and myhtology. However, they called their tree, the .  I have mentioned in another article about the relationship between the decorated staff of Freya and the Christmas tree.

Why am I bringing all this up well I have just decorated my tree with my children and my partner, and it is so emotional and has such a fantastic feeling.  Now I know that some people don’t beleive in Christmas, or do but don’t enjoy it perhaps because of childhood experience or dislike of the commercialism and mass consumption.  Not me.

I love it

“Just Say No to Christmas” (Toni Scott)

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